How Churches are Using SMS Text Message Marketing

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SMS Marketing for Churches Text Message Marketing for Churches

SMS text marketing is being used by many businesses around the county, including retailers, restaurants and nightclubs. Church and text messages may not seem like they belong together, but churches are also getting in on the benefits of SMS text marketing.

Church can be big business. Churches collectively receive millions, even billions, of dollars annually from their members. Much of this money is fed back into the community through aid and donations to the poor, help for the homeless, and other worthy causes.

SMS text message marketing is one way to gather more donations and make church members aware of happenings in the church and community. SMS marketing is a great way to increase attendance as well.  Get started with your text campaign and use our Trumpia promo code.

There are many ways churches are using SMS text message marketing. One way to use bulk SMS marketing is to advertise the happenings in your church and community that you would like the members of your congregation to be involved with. Have an upcoming service project scheduled for the community?

Send out a bulk SMS text message to the members of your congregation encouraging their help and support. The day before or the morning of the scheduled event, send out a bulk SMS message to remind your congregation to be there.

Another great way to use SMS text message marketing to benefit your church is to use it to gather feedback from your congregation. How does your congregation feel about your church? How do they feel about the things your church does for the community? Is there anything the church is not doing that the congregation feels it should do? Find out the answers to these or any other questions you have through the use of bulk SMS marketing.

You can also poll the congregation to find out how they feel about different issues facing your church, the community, or the nation. Use the feedback you receive to better serve the church and community.


Every church has members who at one time or another are not able to attend services. Sickness, business trips and other events can preclude attendance for those who would otherwise be there if they could. Reach these members of your congregation through the use of SMS marketing.

For instance, a podcast could be produced of the sermon each week and then made available to those who were not able to attend. Another option is to send out a bulk text message containing the main thoughts or important quotes from the sermon. This could be sent out particularly to those who missed church, or to the whole congregation as a great reminder during the week.

Perhaps the best way to use SMS text message marketing is to reach the members of the congregation who speak that language particularly well: the youth. Teenagers live through text messaging every day, so youth groups can really benefit from using it to communicate with them.

A separate group can be set up within your text messaging database, so that text messages geared for the youth of the congregation can be sent out just to them. Involve the parents of your youth by setting up special messages alerting them of upcoming youth events or sending reports of how youth activities are functioning.

Churches can benefit greatly from the use of SMS text message marketing. Involve your congregation to a greater degree by setting up your own SMS marketing campaign.

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