How Do QR Codes Work

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Do you have a QR Code Marketing Plan

QR Code MarketingHow do QR codes work? They look deceptively simple, but QR codes are capable of connecting the user to a world of information, apps, videos and games. With a simple scan and click, QR codes provide businesses with a powerful marketing tool.

What are QR Codes?

QR, or Quick Response codes are two-dimensional bar codes. They were invented so that more information could be stored in the code—7,000 letters and numbers can be stored, which is vastly more than a one-dimensional bar code strip. QR codes are square, often about an inch in size, but have the power to connect consumers to a vast amount of information.

Businesses are using them in a variety of ways, such as to get consumers to opt-in to text messaging alerts, provide consumers with engaging information on products or services, to show consumers how to accomplish a task, or enrich consumer experience with extras such as games.

A QR code is made up of black squares and white squares, and each has a job to do to make the code scan-able. Each of these squares is called a module. There are three large squares in the outside corners of the code, and these modules serve to tell the scanner where the outside edges of the code are.

In the fourth corner, there will be a smaller black and white square, an alignment module, and that one tells the scanner if everything is lining up properly within the code. In larger QR codes, there is more than one alignment module. Within the body of the code, there will be several strips of small alternating black and white squares.

These strips form modules that regulate the timing of the code and define the position of columns and rows in the code body. Still other sections of the code tell the scanner whether the code is for a website, a text message, or whether it contains symbols or numbers. All of these parts, or modules, of a QR code are very important and can’t be covered or altered, or the code will not work.

Traditional, one-dimensional bar codes are read by laser beam, but QR codes can’t be read that way. QR codes utilize camera technology to instantaneously snap and read the code. A service type is embedded within the code, and the service type tells the smartphone what to do with the code and what action to take. For instance, the service type may tell the smartphone to browse to a website, open an email, dial a telephone number, or send a text message.

QR Code Marketing Training

How to Create a QR Code

There are several sites on the internet which can help you create your own QR codes, and some are free for just a simple code. Some of the things you can turn into a QR code include your business’s blog address, an email address, a text message, or a You Tube video. QR codes provide an easy way to start a text message marketing campaign as well.

QR Code Marketing Companies

Trumpia offers its users the ability to create QR codes and customize them in unique ways. Colors can be added or images can be part of the code. Trumpia helps you utilize QR codes to speed up the process of increasing your customer database, send out promotions and other offers, increase the rate of response to your advertising and reach more consumers.

At Trumpia, you can track the success of QR codes and make any changes necessary to increase the number of scans. Give your customers what they want with on-demand delivery of coupons and other news.  You can get started right now using our Trumpia promo code.


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