How Nightclubs Can Take Advantage of Text Message Marketing Services

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Get SMS Marketing into your Nightclub Marketing Plan

Nightclub Marketing PlanText message marketing for night clubs is a growing trend. What better way to reach your public than through their phone? SMS marketing is a great way to always be in contact with your potential clients. You know they always have their cell phones in their hands and you know that lots of other companies are reaching them through SMS marking.

You need to ensure that your nightclub has as much exposure as all of the others, and you need to ensure that you can reach your public no matter where they are. With text message marketing for night clubs, you will be able to keep your name circulating and your customers coming in.

Bulk SMS Marketing for Nightclubs

With bulk text marketing you are able to choose your marketing strategy and send it to everyone on your text message mailing list. This will save you time and effort as you’ll have a pre-written text message to send out, and it will automatically be sent to everyone on your list. Bulk text marking will be so quick and easy that you won’t believe the time you’ve saved!

If your nightclub already has an email marketing strategy, did you know that you can integrate sms text marketing into your email marketing strategy?  Read our Call Loop Review.

Why are Nightclubs Using Text Message Marketing?

Nightclub SMS marketing will help you advertise your name to the public in a cheaper and easier way. People are always on the go now days and being able to reach them from anywhere at any time will help you bring in new business, and keep old business coming back. Using text message promotions for nightclubs will also allow you to inform your customers about any new events you have coming up as well as allowing you to send out special offers to bring them in right now.

Imagine that you are having a slow Friday night and you have 75 phone numbers lined up, waiting. You send out a bulk text message that says “Buy one get one free drinks until 11pm” and it’s already 10pm; you will bring in a lot of those people, and even if they all only buy one drink and pay the cover charge, you’ve just made that much profit off of free marketing tactics.  Read our post on the best text message marketing companies.

Nightclub SMS Marketing Companies

Text message marketing software can be found on sites like Tattango and Trumpia. These are the best text message marketing companies out today! They can help you build your business and keep the new business coming in regularly. You will see so much difference once you switch over to text message marketing.

You don’t realize how much business you’re unable to capture if you’re not using text message marketing and bulk text marketing. Trumpia has a free trial you can sign up for that will allow you to test this idea before you actually pay for it. You won’t be disappointed.

New Nightclub Marketing Strategies and Ideas

Nightclub marketing is changing fast and you have to stay ahead of the game in order to make your nightclub more appealing than others. You have to be able to use text message marketing to keep your name out in the public more than other nightclubs are able to.

With the ability to send out bulk text messages to your consumers you may be able to literally pull them from one nightclub to yours in minutes. If you’re in an area where there are many nightclubs or bars, you can capture more of the business than the other bars and nightclubs by offering promotions through the text message marketing.

Nightclub Marketing Training Course

You need to sit down and work on a mobile marketing plan. You need to go through your options and view the logics of switching to mobile marketing for your nightclub. You want more people to come in, and you need to capture the business that is presently going somewhere else; with nightclub mobile marketing you are going to be able to do exactly what you need to. You are going to be able to bring in new business without having to spend too much in public marketing.

Think of all of the nightclub mobile marketing promotions you are able to do. Look at all of the possibilities. All of the ideas you can come up with are a possible way to bring in new business. Don’t allow the old ways of marketing keep you from bringing in the new business that your nightclub deserves. Try text message marketing software for yourself today, and see how fast it will help your business grow. You have nothing to lose.

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Chris Korbey December 31, 2012 at 2:07 pm

I definitely agree that bar and nightclub mobile marketing is a powerful new marketing tool to capture more business.But can mobile marketing companies provide customized solutions for any business.And also provide the business owners with valuable feedback and suggestions to improve our marketing strategies.


Michael Armstrong December 31, 2012 at 2:31 pm

Chris – If you choose the right mobile marketing company to work with, they will be there to help guide you through the process of setting up and delivering your text message marketing campaigns. Check out Tatango and Trumpia. They are 2 of the leading text marketing companies that provide top notch customer support.


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