How Political Campaigns Can Use QR Code Marketing

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How Political Campaigns Can Use QR Code Marketing

How Political Campaigns Can Use QR Code Marketing

Political campaigns are expensive. That’s a well-known fact. But, with the help of mobile marketing they don’t have to be. In fact, the correct implementation of a mobile marketing campaign, mobile advertising campaign, SMS marketing campaign, and especially one that involves QR codes, can not only save money, but increase voter turnout and support for your party’s candidate.

QR Code Marketing – Interact With Your Voters

It doesn’t matter what political party you’re affiliated with – democrat, republican, independent – it’s all the same; you need to build a personal connection between your candidate and your voters if you want to win. There’s no better way to do this than by increasing personal interaction between your campaign and voters.

QR codes are one very powerful way that political campaigns can take advantage of mobile technology to help their efforts. Instead of just telling voters the information you want them to know, with the use of QR codes, you allow them to find out for themselves in a way that seamlessly integrates mobile technology and the political process.

QR Code Marketing – Why it Works

The voters you’re trying to get on your side might not know a thing about politics, but one thing they do know is how to use their mobile phones. By taking advantage of QR codes, you can eliminate some of that uncertainty they feel when they encounter something unfamiliar. Mobile phones are very familiar to them and integrating your political campaigns efforts with mobile devices is one way to increase voter interest and interaction by eliminating fear and doubt.

QR Code Marketing – How Can Political Campaigns Use It?

You distribute a lot of advertising material to market your candidate to the public. You’ve got

  • Signs
  • Flyers
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Buttons
  • T-shirts
  • etc.

But there’s one problem with all of these things. Often, the most that they provide are the names of the candidates, the political party, and the office they’re running for. That is not nearly enough information. That’s where QR codes come into play.

QR Codes for Political Campaigns – Digitize Your Efforts

When you add QR codes to any or all of these items, these physical products are instantly transformed from stationary objects into digital links. When voters scan these QR codes with their mobile devices, they are instantly provided with all of the information they could ever want or need. Information about

  • candidates
  • policies
  • fundraisers
  • events
  • speeches
  • election dates

Anything and everything that a voter could ever want or need to know becomes available to them and they don’t have to waste any time or effort looking for it. This information becomes immediately available to them, at the tips of their fingers, wherever they are.

Don’t lose another vote to ignorance. Allow the public to easily access information about your candidate through their mobile phones with the use of QR code marketing, and you’re guaranteed to see an increase in voter awareness, turnout, and support.

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