How Restaurants are Using Mobile Text Marketing to Fill Empty Tables

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How Restaurants are Using Mobile Text Marketing to Fill Empty Tables

Restaurants and Text Message Marketing

Here’s the scenario: it’s a Friday night, and your restaurant is busy, but you’ve got empty tables and no wait. You know that there are other restaurants in the area with lines out the door and waits that may be anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour long. You want those customers, but how do you get them. The answer is simple: Mobile Text Marketing.

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What is Restaurant Text Marketing?

Its applications encompass a far wider range of possibilities than that one scenario mentioned above, but you might not know exactly what it is. Here’s a quick crash-course in mobile text marketing.

SMS Marketing – SMS stands for Short Message Service and is colloquially referred to as “texting.” With the increasing number of mobile phones on the market, all of which offer incredibly affordable SMS plans, there is no better way to communicate with customers no matter where they are.

Text Marketing Campaign – you offer your customers an opt-in list, and they can chose to sign up for alerts sent to them via text message, right to their phones. It is instantaneous and proven effective because no matter where they are, they have their phones and they read their text messages.

Text Marketing Companies – this form of marketing has given birth to a specific group of companies such as Tatango and Trumpia whose sole purpose is to make it easier for your restaurant to build and sustain an effective text marketing campaign.

Restaurant Text Marketing: How Can I Use It?

Remember that scenario earlier? Well, if you take advantage of SMS marketing software and the services of companies such as Tatango and Trumpia, the solution is easy. You send out a text advertising the fact that, unlike the establishments those customers are currently sitting around and starving at, you have tables open and you can provide them with satisfaction immediately. Here are some more ideas that you can employ:

Coupons and Special Offers – Want to send out a coupon to attract more business? Send it using a text marketing platform, and customers will have it on their phone with them wherever they go. It’s hassle free and you’ll save on printing costs.

Daily Special Alerts – Have a daily special that you know your customers will love? Send it straight to their phone. They’ll know about it immediately, and the chances are very high that they’ll stop by to try it out. Or, if they’re regular customers and this happens to be their favorite dish, they are almost guaranteed to come in.


Restaurant Text Marketing: The “Right Now” Factor

You can’t predict what your business is going to be like at any given moment, but when restaurant text marketing, you don’t have to. Your notifications can be sent as needed and they can evolve depending on the situation at hand, with up-to-the-minute updates.

Restaurant Text Marketing: Better in Bulk

With bulk SMS marketing, you can hit all of your customers at once, increasing your chances of positive results. SMS marketing software is specifically designed to handle massive lives, and companies like Tatango and Trumpia will make it easy to handle at incredible affordable rates.  Get started right now with a Trumpia promo code.

The Final Say

When it comes to filling empty tables and evolving your restaurant’s advertising and marketing platform to fit your current needs, there is nothing better than restaurant text marketing. Don’t allow your seats to go unfilled ever again. Start your text marketing campaign today and take advantage of mobile text marketing right now.

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Jay Hinman December 24, 2012 at 5:50 pm

This would be a great investment for restaurants in Kansas City. Daily alerts and things like that could get them a lot more customers to fill the empty deserted seats.


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