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Mobile phones are driving commerce all over the world.  The fear of mobile shopping is fading and the money is starting to pour into the mobile market faster than anyone expected.

Mobile Phone Traffic on the Internet

Overall internet traffic from mobile phones is growing quickly and mobile marketing strategies can no longer be pushed aside.  The future of marketing is MOBILE and if you’ve been thinking about making changes to your marketing plan, now is the time to go mobile!


Global Mobile Commerce

There is no denying that mobile marketing is the future.  The only question you have to ask yourself is when are you going to react?  Continue Reading

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Does your Restaurant have a Mobile App Strategy?

Mobile Apps for RestaurantsRestaurant mobile apps have the power to impact consumers’ dining habits and engage them in a way that no other advertising method has done. Mobile apps are interactive and can entice consumers into your restaurant and keep them coming back through your doors.

The Domino’s Pizza Tracker mobile app is a good example of what a mobile app can do for a restaurant. The app was designed for different mobile platforms, so no matter what mobile device a consumer happens to be using, the Pizza Tracker will work. It allows consumers to sign in, order or custom order any pizza they wish, and then pay for it. Continue Reading

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Does your Restaurant Marketing Plan include a Mobile Website, SMS, Apps, QR Codes or Mobile Coupons?

Restaurant Mobile Marketing PlanMarketing strategy for restaurants is the most important and valuable asset that your restaurant can have. Your marketing strategy is what allows you to advertise and bring in new people to ensure that you never have to mark your books in red ink at the end of the night.

With the right marketing strategy for restaurants you’re going to be able to save your restaurant from the tough economy and ensure that you can keep your doors open and your budget solid. If you haven’t set up a solid marketing strategy for restaurants now is the time to get your restaurant on the road to success. Continue Reading

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Why Restaurants Need a Mobile Website

Mobile websites for restaurants in Kansas City, Missouri are becoming a necessary to attract and bring in diners who use mobile devices. Mobile technology is so widely used, with usage only growing, that it now takes a leading role in consumer searches for products and services, including food services.

According to The Nielsen Company, smartphone use in the U.S. now comprises more than 40% of mobile phone use, and that number is only rising every year. Companies who recognize that smartphone use, as well as the use of tablets and other mobile internet devices, is soon going to be the number one way that people access the internet, would do well to take advantage of that recognition. Continue Reading

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How Restaurants are Using Mobile Text Marketing to Fill Empty Tables

Restaurants and Text Message Marketing

Here’s the scenario: it’s a Friday night, and your restaurant is busy, but you’ve got empty tables and no wait. You know that there are other restaurants in the area with lines out the door and waits that may be anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour long. You want those customers, but how do you get them. The answer is simple: Mobile Text Marketing.

If you’re interested in integrating sms marketing into your email marketing strategy read our Call Loop Review.

What is Restaurant Text Marketing?

Its applications encompass a far wider range of possibilities than that one scenario mentioned above, but you might not know exactly what it is. Continue Reading

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