Mobile Commerce Strategies for your Business – Infographic

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Is your business cashing in on the growing popularity of mobile shopping and mobile commerce? Mobile coupons, mobile websites and advertising directly to a  consumer’s smart phone using text message marketing is promising to completely transform how people make on line purchases.

Just look at the infographic below.  Each year mobile purchases for all types of products continues to increase.  People are constantly on the move and want to be able to look up information, get directions and make buying decisions right from their smart phone or tablet.

When was the last time you saw someone clipping a coupon? Now people expect to receive coupons and discounts over their smart phone and with the power of mobile marketing, your business can increase it’s bottom line.

Mobile Marketing Strategies.

Setting up a mobile marketing strategy isn’t that complicated. There are plenty of mobile marketing companies that can assist you in getting your mobile campaign underway.  You can use mobile coupons, mobile ads and text message marketing to grow a list of customers that you can market to consistently.


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