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Mobile Website Reseller Program Reviews

Mobile Website Builder ReviewsThere are millions of small businesses with websites that need to convert their website into a mobile friendly version.  We have found the best mobile website reseller programs so that your company can take advantage of the move toward mobile friendly websites and start generating revenue today.

There is no Best Mobile CMS reseller program, but there are several mobile website builder reseller programs that offer a lot of value to anyone wanting to start their own mobile marketing company and start selling mobile website services.

These companies listed below offer mobile website reseller programs that make it easy to get started:

  • piJnz
  • Octomobi
  • Dudamobile

Best Mobile Website Reseller Programs


piJnz Mobile CMS White Label Program

Pijnz Reseller Program Learn MoreCompanies looking for ultimate flexibility and control should work with piJnz.  Continue Reading

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Smartphone TrendsSmartphones are no longer a trend, they are a full fledged addiction.  People are getting more and more addicted to their smartphones by the day and as a business owner you need to open up your eyes and see the potential.

There are a variety of ways to take advantage of the growth of smartphones to benefit your business.

  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Shopping
  • SMS Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile Apps
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising

Smartphones are a new marketing channel and some say the most important marketing channel we have ever seen.  First there were books, then newspapers, then the radio, then the TV, then the Internet, Now the Smartphone! Continue Reading

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dudamobile Coupon Code OfferAre you searching for a discount on your Dudamobile order?  We have a Coupon Code for you so you can save some money!

Dudamobile is one of the leading mobile website builder software platforms and using DudaMobile, businesses can create their own mobile website quickly and without and technical programming knowledge.

We have an exclusive DudaMobile Coupon Code so you can get a discount on your order.

 DudaMobile Coupon Code – Premium Mobile Website Subscription

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Dudamobile is considered to have the most advanced Mobile CMS and their mobile website builder software is cutting edge.    Continue Reading

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Learn about our Free Mobile Marketing Training

Free Mobile Marketing Training Kansas City, MOKansas City! Come See How easy Mobile Marketing is! If you’re looking for Mobile Marketing Companies in Kansas City or Mobile Marketing Services, you found the right place. We’ve got ya’ covered for FREE!

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Mobile Marketing Services are aplenty. But, don’t spend a dime on mobile marketing companies, or mobile marketing services in Kansas City, Missouri until you spend as little as possible learning as much as possible through our FREE mobile marketing training series.

Text Message Marketing Training

I’m talking about the whole gamut, from picking a mobile marketing agency amid a mountainous landscape of mobile marketing companies to FREE mobile marketing services – we tell all in our mobile marketing training series – all you need to make searching for mobile marketing companies and searching for mobile marketing services throughout Kansas City, Missouri as hot as a Saint Louis Summer! Continue Reading

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Salon Marketing Ideas - Mobile SMS Apps

Spa and Salon Marketing Plans are Going Mobile with Mobile Websites, SMS Marketing and Apps

There are as many salon marketing ideas, as there are salons.  With every salon owner utilizing the ideas that work best for their market and their clients. One marketing practice that is good for every salon owner is to make use of new mobile marketing strategies.

Salon Mobile marketing is now the best, most cost-effective way for salons to build their customer base, engage current clients and reward client loyalty. Mobile marketing helps build repeat business by keeping clients aware of the latest deals and any new services you offer. Continue Reading

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Mobile phones are driving commerce all over the world.  The fear of mobile shopping is fading and the money is starting to pour into the mobile market faster than anyone expected.

Mobile Phone Traffic on the Internet

Overall internet traffic from mobile phones is growing quickly and mobile marketing strategies can no longer be pushed aside.  The future of marketing is MOBILE and if you’ve been thinking about making changes to your marketing plan, now is the time to go mobile!


Global Mobile Commerce

There is no denying that mobile marketing is the future.  The only question you have to ask yourself is when are you going to react?  Continue Reading

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