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Call Loop Review Strat Free TrialThis Call Loop review found that Call Loop is unique among SMS marketing companies.  Their SMS marketing software allows businesses to do more, reach more customers, and do so without the extra work.  How?  By integrating their sms marketing software with email marketing and email autoresponder providers.

Email Marketing using the popular email autoresponder services is not dead, matter of fact email open rates are going up since more and more people are reading emails on their smart phones and tablets.  Being able to integrate SMS marketing into your existing email marketing platform takes your marketing strategy to a new level. Continue Reading

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Take your Real Estate Marketing Strategy to the Next Level with Mobile Marketing, SMS and Even Apps

Real Estate Marketing Strategies SMS MobileHave you developed your real estate marketing plan? Are you missing out on business that you wish you’d be able to capture? We understand where you’re coming from. In today’s tough economy, the market makes it harder to build your business and be successful, but we have a solution for you! Real estate mobile marketing is one of the newest and easiest marketing strategies to have ever been developed!

Why Real Estate Mobile Marketing

With real estate mobile marketing you’re able to be in complete contact with your clients at all times. Continue Reading

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Does your Restaurant Marketing Plan include a Mobile Website, SMS, Apps, QR Codes or Mobile Coupons?

Restaurant Mobile Marketing PlanMarketing strategy for restaurants is the most important and valuable asset that your restaurant can have. Your marketing strategy is what allows you to advertise and bring in new people to ensure that you never have to mark your books in red ink at the end of the night.

With the right marketing strategy for restaurants you’re going to be able to save your restaurant from the tough economy and ensure that you can keep your doors open and your budget solid. If you haven’t set up a solid marketing strategy for restaurants now is the time to get your restaurant on the road to success. Continue Reading

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Do you want to learn how to create a Mobile Website for Free?

dudamobile logoI was looking for an easy and cheap way to convert my website to a mobile website.  This Dudamobile Review is going to explain how that was accomplished.

About Dudamobile

Dudamobile was founded in 2009 and this Palo Alto, CA company uses its own mobile website creation platform that turns existing websites into mobile optimized sites.  In 2010, Dudamobile even launched platform that is now licensed by AT&T,, and Yahoo.  Currently DudaMobile is servicing over 2 million sites.  The price for this background knowledge, can you believe this is free. Continue Reading

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Is your business cashing in on the growing popularity of mobile shopping and mobile commerce? Mobile coupons, mobile websites and advertising directly to a  consumer’s smart phone using text message marketing is promising to completely transform how people make on line purchases.

Just look at the infographic below.  Each year mobile purchases for all types of products continues to increase.  People are constantly on the move and want to be able to look up information, get directions and make buying decisions right from their smart phone or tablet.

When was the last time you saw someone clipping a coupon? Now people expect to receive coupons and discounts over their smart phone and with the power of mobile marketing, your business can increase it’s bottom line. Continue Reading

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Retail Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Retailers In this economy, retail stores can sometimes need every edge they can get, and with technology these days one of the biggest edges they can have is a retail mobile marketing strategy. There are over a million Smartphones in the U.S that are being used every second of every day. People use them to check their email, alarm clocks, as calculators, and even to listen to the radio. This means that if you can get a notice to their phone, then the next time a person checks it, they will see your retail stores latest advertisement, making them more likely to shop at your store. Continue Reading

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