Mobile Websites for Churches and Religious Organizations

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Mobile Websites for Churches and Religious Organizations

Mobile Websites for Churches and Religious Organizations

Through all of the advances of the modern day, traditional and contemporary religions alike are finding uses for new technology – websites, e-mail, and community forums have allowed people of shared faith to grow closer together than ever before. Now, with the advent of smart phones and wireless tablets, the paradigm has shifted once again. Roughly one fifth of online browsing today is done through these devices, and mobile websites for churches, temples, and other institutions of faith are becoming the new standard for web presence.

Viewing traditional websites on mobile devices can be awkward, to say the least. In addition to making information less available to the congregation, they also may not be able to take advantage of the features of those devices, such as contact lists and integrated calling. It would behoove any organization of faith – be they of Christianity, Islam, or Zoroastrianism – to take advantage of these new resources and to keep themselves available to both current and prospective members.

Fortunately, going mobile isn’t as hard as you might think. Most religious communities with web presence on the Internet already will find the online service Dudamobile invaluable: it can automatically produce mobile-friendly counterparts to full websites, and even auto-update the mobile site to reflect changes to its parent websites.

DudaMobile Build Free Mobile Site

Creating an account with Dudamobile is free, and is the easiest method for setting up mobiles websites for churches and other religious organizations; in fact, converting a page with it can be as simple as entering the URL address of the website to be converted.

Those who want to explore mobile-specific ideas may also be pleasantly surprised. There is a large and still-growing pool of talented mobile developers available to work on a project-by-project basis; a full-featured mobile website could fit right into even a relatively small budget.

Imagine what an asset it could be to your spiritual community if prayer bulletins and orders of service could be supplied to your congregation before they meet. Communal discussion forums with a mobile-friendly layout could keep your members in touch with those who stand by them no matter where they may be, and a mobile catalogue of meaningful passages and quotes could encourage them long before that.

The value of mobile websites for churches, synagogues, and other religious communities is limited only by the imagination of their attendees. It exemplifies the idea that technology is not an enemy to traditional faiths, but a potential asset to spiritual institutions of any size or nature. By putting an adaptable and powerful community asset in the pockets of the congregation, it becomes easier for that congregation to manifest its identity regardless of time or place.  Read our Dudamobile Reviews.

If you want to expand the reach of your religious organization, consider the benefits of a mobile website; it could be just what you need to better connect your community and bring your faith into the new age.

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Mick Winters December 21, 2012 at 9:53 pm

Also it is to note that there are now thousands of mobile devices that have connection to the internet. These devices not only differ in screen sizes but also the operating system and platforms that they operate in. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there existed some technology that would help the websites be optimized for all the different screen sizes and also for different platforms that have different web browsers.


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