Restaurant Mobile Apps – Android iPhone or Both

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Does your Restaurant have a Mobile App Strategy?

Mobile Apps for RestaurantsRestaurant mobile apps have the power to impact consumers’ dining habits and engage them in a way that no other advertising method has done. Mobile apps are interactive and can entice consumers into your restaurant and keep them coming back through your doors.

The Domino’s Pizza Tracker mobile app is a good example of what a mobile app can do for a restaurant. The app was designed for different mobile platforms, so no matter what mobile device a consumer happens to be using, the Pizza Tracker will work. It allows consumers to sign in, order or custom order any pizza they wish, and then pay for it. Once the order is completed and paid for, the customer can then see exactly where the pizza is and when it has left the store for delivery. Consumers are enjoying the convenience of the Pizza Tracker app.

The convenience that is afforded through a mobile app is definitely having an impact on restaurant business in the form of changing consumer ordering and dining out habits. More restaurants every year are recognizing the positive impact that a mobile app can have on the bottom line, but there are still many more that have not taken advantage of the technology yet.

Mobile apps for restaurants have many different uses and strategies. Basically, an app can be whatever you want it to; it’s limited only by your imagination. Below are a few ways that your restaurant can benefit from building a mobile app.

Does your restaurant have a Facebook page? An app built right into your Facebook page can allow your customers to order takeout from there.

If your restaurant has a mobile website, a mobile app will let your customers view your menu, reserve a table, or order takeout and pay for it with a finger swipe.

Do you frequently serve business groups during the lunch hour, or deliver multiple orders to the same office building? Why not allow group ordering through a mobile app? Customers can place large orders in conjunction with their group of friends or coworkers, even from different locations. The mobile app lets everyone pay for their own order, or one person can pay for the entire group.

Customers who frequent your restaurant and tend to order the same thing will appreciate an app that allows them to “re-order,” quickly and easily. Their favorite items are stored in memory, so that they only need to select from their favorites instead of looking through the menu to find them each time.

Restaurant Mobile App Marketing Training Course

As you can see, mobile apps can engage your customers and serve them in an even better way. For mobile app development that won’t break the bank, consider outsourcing. oDesk and Elance are two online sources where you can search through and find the best mobile app developers to help you. Both are great at bringing employers and contractors together to work as if they were working in the same room.

Independent contractors are searchable by work history, experience, and ratings from previous employers. By outsourcing through either oDesk or Elance, you will avoid the additional expense of overhead from an in-house developer.


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