Retail Mobile Marketing – Why Retailers Need a Mobile Strategy

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Retail Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Retailers In this economy, retail stores can sometimes need every edge they can get, and with technology these days one of the biggest edges they can have is a retail mobile marketing strategy. There are over a million Smartphones in the U.S that are being used every second of every day. People use them to check their email, alarm clocks, as calculators, and even to listen to the radio. This means that if you can get a notice to their phone, then the next time a person checks it, they will see your retail stores latest advertisement, making them more likely to shop at your store.

Mobile marketing for retailers is simply the process of using text messages, mobile websites, and mobile applications to let people connect and view your store in a way that best fits them. With people using their phone for almost everything, it is incredibly convenient for them to use their phone to check on the store they plan on visiting. With mobile websites for retailers, then they can achieve just that, so they already know exactly what they are looking for. If your store does not have a mobile marketing strategy, then you could be missing out on the hundreds of customers who would chose a store that does cater to them with a retail mobile marketing strategy.

Another key to successful retail mobile marketing is utilizing retail text message marketing. This involves using text messages to contact your clientele with your latest offers, advertisements, and promotions. This might not seem like a very big thing to bring in customers, but people are sending texts and checking their phone for them almost constantly.

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Retail mobile marketing is more than just text messages, and websites. Mobile apps for retailers can be a huge step to securing your place in the mobile economy while gaining an important foothold above your competitors. Mobile apps allow users to browse your website, check your merchandise and even place orders and hold merchandise all while never leaving the couch. Allowing your customers easier ways to purchase your items will make them more likely to shop at your store.

Retail mobile app builder

While most of these things can be done by yourself to save money, it is never a good idea to partake in something like this on your own. While you could waste your valuable time learning a new skill and trying to successfully implement a strategy for retail mobile marketing, you could also go ahead and hire a company to do it all for you. This lets you focus your valuable time on growing revenues, while a team of experts does all the work for you.

So instead of letting your competitors get ahead of you, or wasting your time doing retail mobile marketing all on your own, hire a company today to keep your leg up over your competition. There are a lot of great companies to assist you in making your retail mobile marketing strategy turn into a revenue generating reality.

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Brent Drake December 28, 2012 at 1:19 pm

With mobile and social media retailers can use the power of viral marketing. A mobile website, options to share your products through social networking sites(facebook, twitter, g+) and fine giveaways/discount offers will increase your store’s reach and your sales are guaranteed to increase tenfolds.
I love all your articles on mobile marketing, kudos.


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